28 Aralık 2011

Waterboys-She is so beautiful

She is so beautiful
I've got no words to describe
The way she makes me feel inside
I'm flying solo
As free and as light as a bird
yet I could lay my wings down in a moment
To guard and comfort her

She is so beautiful
light-filled, loving and wise
Laughter dancing in her eyes
all my road is before me
And I never did plan on a wife
yet she's the most beautiful soul
I ever have met in this life

For she is like a song
she is like a ray of light
She is like children praying
like harps and bells and cymbals playing
And she is like a wind
moving, soothing, bringing joy
And here am I, destroyed
she is so beautiful
I don't know what I'm going to do when I leave
except grieve

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